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A solo project by a male Tokyoite.

Serph released his first album ¡Èaccidental tourist¡É in July 2009, only 3 years after beginning the piano and composition. Since then, he has constantly been releasing his works.
His first live performance and solo concert held at LIQUIDROOM in January 2014 sold out and was a great success.
In July 2016, he released his updated greatest hits album ¡ÈPLUS ULTRA¡É. He also released an OST for a planetarium program, ¡ÈPLANET of DOLPHINS Original Soundtrack¡É in September 2016.
In April 2018, he is scheduled to release his 6th full album ¡ÈAerialist¡É.

Serph also acts as Reliq, his alter-ego which focuses exclusively on edgier dance music, and as a track maker of N-qia which is a duo with a female vocalist, Nozomi.


2009¡§accidental tourist (elegant disc)¡¡
2010¡§vent (noble)¡¡
2011¡§Heartstrings (noble)
2011¡§Winter Alchemy (noble) *winter mini-album
2013¡§el esperanka (noble)
2014¡§Event Horizon (noble) *digital EP
2014¡§Spring Filed EP (noble) *digital EP
2015¡§Hyperion Suites (noble)
2016¡§PLUS ULTRA (noble) *updated best album
2016¡§PLANET of DOLPHINS Original Soundtrack (noble) *OST
2018¡§Aerialist (noble)


2010¡§"SONGS OF TWILIGHT" (p*dis)¡¡...inc. a whim (new mastering version)
2010¡§"Forma.3.10" (PROGRESSIVE FOrM)¡¡...inc. scenery
2011¡§"Invisible Folklore" (noble)¡¡...inc. Departure


2010¡§Ken Hirai "Ura Uta Baka" (DefSTAR)¡¡...inc. Pain (Serph Remix)
2011¡§STAR GUiTAR "Blind Carbon Copy¡É (Cluster Sounds)¡¡ ...inc. Kimi wa Sniper (Serph Remix)
2011¡§MimiCof "Rundskipper¡É (PROGRESSIVE FOrM)¡¡ ...inc. Pulled Up (Serph Remix)
2011¡§Ferri "A broken carousel¡É (kilk records)¡¡ ...inc. Secret longing (Serph Remix)
2011¡§bonobos "Go Symphony!¡É (blues interactions)¡¡ ...inc. Go Symphony! (Serph Remix)
2011¡§VA "Cafe SQ¡É (SQUARE ENIX)¡¡ ...inc. Rose of May (Serph Remix)
2012¡§¢ªPia-no-jaC¢« "jaCked!¡É (jaCked Record)¡¡ ...inc. blue moon (Serph Remix)
2012¡§Applicat Spectra "Spectacle Orchestra¡É (A-sketch)¡¡ ...inc. Kamisama no Sumika (Serph Remix)
2012¡§Evade "Destroy & Dream¡É (kitchen.)¡¡ ...inc. Love (Serph Remix)
2012¡§YUKI "Watashi no Negaigoto¡É (EPIC)¡¡ ...inc. Watashi no Negaigoto (Serph Remix)
2012¡§Ryoma Maeda "FANTASTIC SUISIDE¡É (Virgin Babylon)¡¡ ...inc. I Want Your Joke (Serph Remix)
2012¡§VA "FINAL FANTASY TRIBUTE~THANKS~¡É (SQUARE ENIX)¡¡ ...inc. Julia (Serph Remix)
2013¡§Mariko Goto "sound of me¡É (DefSTAR)¡¡ ...inc. sound of me (Serph oyasumi mix)
2013¡§Mariko Goto "sound of me¡É (DefSTAR)¡¡ ...inc. sound of me (Serph swollen mix)
2013¡§Schroeder-Headz "Sleepin' Birds¡É (PLANKTON)¡¡ ...inc. Sleepin' Birds (Serph Remix)
2016¡§the HIATUS "the HIATUS x MACKDADDY tee¡É (MACKDADDY) ...inc. Tales Of Sorrow Street (Serph folkstep mix)
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