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eisi are:
mujika easel: voice, upright bass
tsutomu kobori: guitar, synthesizer
masaaki morita: trumpet, mac, harmonica

In November, 2001, Mujika Easel started a new project called eisi, as a solo
venture. In January, 2002, Kobori and Morita were added to the lineup and
activity was started by the trio with the help of a guest drummer. In March,
2003, after a number of performances and the discovery of their sound, the
drummer left, and Eisi as they are now began.Eisi creates a highly organic
sound from traditional instruments played in non-traditional ways blended
with subtle electronics and Mujika's haunting voice.
In November 2003, their debut cd Awaawa was released on Noble.
They also participate in the artists group called AnN-shitu that are formed
by painter, novelist, musician, etc.
『Every Still Day』, a reconstruct album of their 1st album『awaawa』 by Taylor Deupree, will be released on June 10.


2003:awaawa (MIDI Creative / noble)
2005      : 『Every Still Day / taylor deupree + eisi』(MIDI Creative / noble)


2002:UR (mao) ...inc.izumi
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