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7. horus
8. hotep
9. hermes
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11. tartaria

Serph, the trickster of electronic music, will release his new album Apopcalips on August 5, 2022, with the theme being “a teleporter to the parallel world”.

In this album, Serph goes beyond the transboundary style presented in his most recent work, nirva, by further improving the precision of his sound selection and building sound by focusing on the arrangement and comfort of the bass. The result is aggressive pop music that densely weaves collage, church music, progressive rock, R&B, soul, dub, jazz, and ASMR. The cover artwork of the album is by Argentinean artist, Alejandro Sordi.

Serph's new album, Apopcalips, is the soundtrack that rewrites the world's apocalyptic situation and continues to the city of God. Let’s share the moment of a breakthrough with music.

The link to DL stores and streaming services is here.

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