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Gutevolk is the solo project of Hirono Nishiyama.
In 1999, she released her first album YuraYura Yureru under her own name for Nobukazu Takemura's label, childisc. Following the releases of a 12-inch EP and a mini album on the label, she contributed to compilation albums for the label. Her artistic collaboration with Nobukazu Takemura includes a vocal participation in some of his albums.
When Art Lindsay, Jim O'Rourke and YO LA TENGO toured in Japan, she performed together with them as a vocalist of the childisc band.

Her first album under the solo project name, Gutevolk, is The Humming of Tiny People released on the label daisyworld owned by Haruomi Hosono (ex-YMO) in 2002. Suomi, her second one, was recorded with a band, a first challenge for her, and released by noble on August 4, 2003. The mini album titled twinkle was released on the New York-based label Happy on January 2005.

Besides her extensive solo works and soundtracks for film and commercials,  she has collaborated with the likes of Wechsel Garland (a.k.a Wunder), masakatsu takagi and KAMA AINA. On the live end, she performs locally as well as globally in countries such as Germany, France and Spain. Her current plans are to release a new work in February 2007 entitled "tiny people singing over the rainbow". This would be Her first full album release in three and a half years.


1999: yurayura yureru / nishiyama hirono (Childisc)
2001: kaisentou / nishiyama hirono (Childisc)
2001: pied piper / nishiyama hirono (Childisc)
2002: the humming of tiny people / Gutevolk (daisyworld)
2003: suomi / Gutevolk (noble)
2005: twinkle / Gutevolk (Happy)
2007: tiny people singing over the rainbow / Gutevolk (noble)


1999: childisc vol.4 by 4 female artists (Childisc)
2000: childisc vol.5 (Childisc)
2002:STYLUS#3 (colledge chart japan)
2002: strange flowers (daisyworld)
2003: audio sponge 1 (daisyworld)
2003: Hotel Soundtrack Vol.1 - Sound For Aldo Rossi By Tatsuo Sunaga (Gate)
2004: reaching series no.1 "Let's sing in Do-Re-Mi" (333DISCS)
2006: Assemblage Sessions 2 (abandonbuilding)


Collaboration Works:
1999: yoru no yuuenchi / Child's View (Warner)
2000: Funfair / Child's View (Bubble Core)
2001: song book / Nobukazu Takemura (Tokuma Japan)
2001: LIVERATION VON HISTORY / Wechsel Garland (karaokekalk)
2002: BI TO DEAU / takagi masakatsu (NHK)
2004: Two Fingers / KAMA AINA (Folkcore)
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