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Simon12345 & The Lazer twins

Simon12345 & The Lazer twins are a trio band. Today, one member lives in Leipzig, the other in Vienna, and another in Hamburg.
The band started when two of its members moved in 2007 to Vienna where the third member lived. The trio rehearsed almost every day for several years in search of the direction of the band to pursue. Later, Simon12345 moved to Leipzig and formed the new trio band Praezisa Rapid 3000 with two different members followed by an album release.
November 2012, the trio released the 6-track album and their first sound source as the Simon12345 & The Lazer twins in “If I stay here, I’ll be alone” from Praezisa Rapid 3000’s record label doumen. April 2013, noble will be releasing the CD edition featuring remixes based on the same audio source.


2012:If I stay here, I'll be alone (doumen) *Vinyl
2013:If I stay here, I'll be alone (noble) *CD with remixes
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