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$20 (within tax)
1. rill
2. kicker
3. lefty
4. spillover
5. sugamo beach
6. sleepy eyes
7. DaN

The second release from the noblelabel by cinq to follow world's end girlfriend which drew post-rock, techno and electronica music fans. This is the first album by cinq which is the solo project of Kyoto University Graduate School graduate doctor of science Masaaki Takemura. He is also a member of snoweffect, the main unit on the ryoondo-tealabel which has the concept of “ambient with tea”. This album titled “sketch” is a beautiful piece showing the endless span of his delicate soul. Beautiful arpeggio tones come out of the fog and funny steps made in sine-waves. Reverberations that bring images of the deep evergreen forests of Cologne, and a voice far away sings like a prayer. His music is kind to both ear and heart and shares the same softness of Erik Satie and Philip Glass and is full of melancholy romanticism.

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