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Marakesi no Hana
Marakesi no Hana
$25 (within tax)
1. Made in MOROCCO
2. Marakesi no Hana
4. chiisana uta
5. Johnny guitar
6. huurin
7. Warm days
8. Takeda no Komoriuta

The noblelabel continues to release albums with the concept of “music for daily life”. The fourth artist to follow world's end girlfriend, cinq, tenniscoats is natsume. This is the ‘noise-folk-shangrila' project lead by Fuminosuke; vocalist of TSUKI NO WA which gained much attention with their past two albums not only by the ‘singer' scene, but also the noise and club scenes. The four member are electronics and engineer Shoji Hiromitsu from TSUKI NO WA, composer/sitar player Potoratch who has offered songs on weatherand soup-discetc. compilation albums, and guitarist Munehiro Yamada, leader of instrumental rock group F.L.Y. This album which marks their first effort includes not only original songs, but Japanese folk songs, classic music, and Japanese covers of jazz songs, with field recordings in India and Japan. It is the song world from a mountain top mixing various ethnic instruments and electronics. This weird trippy music of natsume invites the listener of any country on a ride of imagined places.

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