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$23 (within tax)
1. Kikyu Ni Notte
2. sora
3. horizonto
4. Hajimete No Yuki
5. parallel land
6. clock waltz
7. travel of rain
8. snow flake
9. air train
10. final land
11. strange seed

Noble's 6th release is Gutevolk's new album. This is the project of Hirono Nishiyama who is known by various releases of Nobukazu Takemura's CHILDISC and Haruomi Hosono's DAISY WORLD. This is the first band effort by Nishiyama and includes Takuji Aoyagi (KAMA AINA) on guitar, Keisuke Torigoe (ex. PHAT) on wood bass, Takuji Ito (CHAINS) on drums, Takafumi Kashikura (toe), Seigen Tokuzawa (anonymass) on cello. With her fairy-tale world innocent voice, Nishimura has collaborated with Nobukazu Takemura, Masakatsu Takagi, and Wechsel Garland, and this album shows not only her charm as a vocalist, but her talent as a song-writer. Her magical pieces seem to have unconsciously passed through electronica and techno and reached jazz and bossa nova. Enjoy the strange sound world and dreamy journey that her beautiful voice will take you on.

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