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Secret Figure
Yasushi Yoshida
Secret Figure
$20 (within tax)
1. silent park
2. parade for closure
3. parade
4. chair father
5. octave of leaves
6. dance piece
7. remembrance in glass
8. picture of three life
9. Family

Noble label releases albums under the concept of "music for daily life" and is very pleased to announce that we have a new artist joining us, Yasushi Yoshida.
Yoshida began making his name as a composer, contributing to multi-award winning dance companies, BABY- Q’s solo dance performances and various plays and films.
“Secret Figure” is the first album by this brilliant artist embodying the Noble concept. Composed for piano and guitar and recorded by select musicians and Yoshida himself, he has incorporated samples of everyday sounds surrounding him and programmed beats from the samples for each track. Based on cinematic music, he has created free form, minimally structured music which is extremely beautiful, layering serenely lyrical string arrangements featuring piano, guitar, cello, and violins with electronic beats and samples.
Expressing the subtle emotions evoked in life, evoking its changes with overwhelming calmness, Yasushi Yoshida's first album "Secret Figure" marks the birth of new impressionist music.


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