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Eternal Castle
Eternal Castle
$23 (within tax)
1. With the Sea
2. Norway
3. Two of Us
4. Snowflakes
5. Ancient Note
6. Hydrangea
7. Beyond the Season
8. Prayer

Noble has a new addition to our family; a female musician, Piana whose vocals can be described as adoring and transient, and she has already established her name in the ambient music scene worldwide. Piana will be releasing “Eternal Castle”, Piana’s first album in one and a half years, with Noble.

Piana started her career in 2000 when she recorded her kirsch vocals in world’s end girlfriend album. In 2003 Piana released her first album, “Snow Bird,”which was later licensed from Cubic records and released through Happy in New York. Her second album, ”Ephemeral” was also released through Happy and was highly recognized worldwide. Piana established her strong live performance during her European and Asian tour, and attracted a brand new fan base of both general audience and the industry types. Artists like The Album Leaf requested her to open for their Japan tour, and video director, Thomas Hilland, the creator of Norwegian electro-duo Royksopp’s promotional video, was so in love with Piana that he created her promotional video for free. Piana’s worldwide adventure doesn’t end there; she is scheduled to perform at Sonar Festival in Barcelona in 2007.

From compositions to lyrics, and arrangements to mixing, the “electronica diva”Piana directs and controls her creativity, and with this new album she ventured into a new world of collaboration with musicians she loves and trusts. The digital sound and effect-heavy-feel is kept to bare minimum, and she has emphasized acoustic tones of cello, violin, guitar, piano, and organ with her new experiment. Her innocent and motherly voice became even more powerful and dearly, and the poppy melody she creates is so timeless.

As a woman and a creator, Piana is growing by day. This new album shows her warmth and her hope for her future, and her strength to jump out of this world and resonate the bells of eternity.


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