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program music I
program music I
$23 (within tax)
1. stella (36:07)
2. write once, run melos (26:00)


We are pleased to announce yet another addition of a talented artist to noble label, the label of "music for everyday life." noble will release the second album by kashiwa daisuke, an up and coming artist whose first album released in 2006 by Germany’s onpa label received rave reviews mainly in the European community.

kashiwa daisuke turned solo in 2004 after achieving success as a guitarist/ composer in several bands from high school. His demo sound source received outstanding response once it was put on air in Ryuichi Sakamoto’s radio program. His later released 1st album shed brilliant light on the world after electronica and post rock through its beautifully flowing oriental melody and composition with strong visual elements. A year and a half since then, kashiwa has proudly completed his 2nd full album to further introduce his talents to the world.

The album titled "program music I" is compiled of 2 songs lasting 36 minutes and 27 minutes each. In the last album, kashiwa turned his inner images into sound. This time, he chose 2 stories as a motif and ventured to express that story through sound. This is not simply a soundtrack that showcases a story but the story itself is told through music. The first song "stella" tells the story of the "Night on the Milky Way Railroad" and the second song "write once, run melos" is based on the story, "Run Melos!"

The all too transparent scenery of "Night on the Milky Way Railroad" is characterized by a magical cosmic view engraved by deep thought. "Run Melos!" portrays speed and the wavering spirit of the characters. This album dynamically portrays these story characteristics through lyrical melody and ingenious arrangement.

This is a stunning masterwork that speaks of musician kashiwa daisuke’s rich creativity and his passion for creation and proudly exploits the possibilities of musical expression.


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