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Little Grace
Yasushi Yoshida
Little Grace
$23 (within tax)
1. permanent yesterday
2. greyed
3. little hand
4. thread still
5. lasted in different view
6. three winters our trace
7. under calf,winged steps
8. lullaby for rainsongs

After 1 year and 9 months of waiting, noble, the label that brings “music for everyday life” is delighted to announce the new album “Little Grace” by Yasushi Yoshida.

Yoshida’s first album “Secret Figure” celebrated musical impressionism of the new generation by masterly portraying the delicate sensations roused in everyday life through infinite layers of melodic instruments such as the piano, guitar and violin, mixed with the electronic sounds of electronica. 1 year and 9 months since then, the artist, now soaring to new heights, has proudly completed his second album, “Little Grace”.

The most notable difference from the previous work is the dynamic use of live instruments. Here, the electronic sounds heard in the first album have hidden behind the shadows to be replaced by live drums, piano, guitar, violin, cello, bass, saxophone, clarinets, and even saws. The album is a parade of songs compiled through a dramatic orchestration of these live instruments. Yoshida brings meaning to every little sound produced by his trusted musicians, there is meaning in every break of music, every page turned on the musical score, every piano pedal stepped on, every breath of the horn, and every jump of the bow on a string instrument to create delicate and yet spectacular instrumental music.

Based on an ensemble of live instruments, Yasushi Yoshida has expanded his expression by capturing elements such as “chaos”, “dynamism”, and “festivity” that could not be seen in his previous album. This album that starts in a melancholic mood which gradually turns into an overwhelming feeling of euphoria is an elegant, cinematic, and ever so beautiful storybook of sound without images or words that allows each listener to portray their own scenery in their hearts however they wish.


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