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So, I'll take your hand and..
So, I'll take your hand and..
$20 (within tax)
1. warm, sweet and freeze
2. it's blooming
3. 1014
4. one cold day
5. after time in the forest
6. pool of the sun
7. snuffed at spring breeze today
8. ephemera

noble label would like to proudly introduce you to its newest talents for this coming spring. “So, I’ll take your hand and…” is the first celebratory album by the trio yarn:moor with sound producer moss, neuma on programming, and vocalist, tao.

yarn:moor is a project launched in 2006 by moss and neuma, also known as the joint operators of Tiltloose label. tao, currently the MC of imaginion and former member of ASTRO joined the two artists to form yarn:moor. Sound producer moss is a member of the up-and-coming dub unit, MANTIS, who has received rave reviews from Rob Smith, the member of the heavyweight champions of Bristol sound, Smith & Mighty. This past January, moss released his first album along with guest vocal Tikiman, MC of RHYTHM & SOUND.

The trio collects sounds of nature such as falling rain and chirping birds, and sounds in our daily lives that can be heard from the bath or kitchen. The comforting and familiar sounds that have been modified through vintage analogue devices and computers are fused with pulsing noise, crisscrossing beats, and tao’s flickering voice that is unlike any rhyme, poetry, or song, and take us into a world of “warmth, kindness, and chilliness.”

Fresh and watery dub. Bouncing ambience. Delicate but dynamic electronica. The music takes on infinite form and yet, it is a wonderous piece of work with a pop element that has no one word to describe exactly how it is. Daringly put, it is a hymn of the universe that elaborately and dynamically depicts the random scenes in our lives as spring goes, summer comes, autumn passes by and winter falls silently upon us. Please take this chance and help yourselves to the rich and inviting “other world” created by yarn:moor.


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