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$23 (within tax)
1. march
2. pen on stapler
3. feather
4. sleepwalking
5. mint
6. azul
7. silencio
8. flatland
9. snow
10. iceyedit
11. vent
12. planet

Dreamy and thrilling. Funny and romantic. Elegant and charming. Introducing Serph, a new compadre that enchants us with magical electronic music.

Serph is a solo project by a Tokyoite in his 20’s. Serph announced his first album, “accidental tourist” last July with only a 3 year career in piano and composing behind him. Nonetheless, the whirlwind of dramatic melody, the fantastic world, and the unique color of his work that skips gracefully across different categories like jazz, fusion, breakbeat, techno, progressive, and film score became known as “visionary home recorded jazz” praised by quick-to-catch listeners. And now, he is back already with his second album to be released by noble records.

The pizzicato and jazzy piano with that comfortable bounce, charming and pop synthesizer phrases, and colorful uplifting rhythm…though instrumental, the melody line that is like a song above song and the beautiful harmony shine like never before to unravel before us an even more dynamic world of continuous transformation. Thus, the new album is engraved with a popness that is even more becoming than the previous album and originality that takes us to the next level.

The album titled “vent” as in “advent” and “adventure” features charming and heart dancing dream pop music marking the advent of new talent. It is the perfect soundtrack to lead us on a journey into this fantastic and spectacular world of vision.


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