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$23 (within tax)
1. luck
2. shine
3. missing
4. leaf
5. film
6. heartstrings
7. cityscape
8. forN
10. stardust
11. chamber
12. twilighte
13. fanfare

He appeared out of nowhere…an electronic musician with magical powers who cast a potent spell onto the world to introduce the coming of this new talent. This is Serph. While his fantastic, charming, and dreamy pop album “vent” continues its long and astounding sales, Serph has already completed his new album which will be released again proudly by noble.

His first album was released only 3 years since first learning the piano and starting song composition. This was 2 years ago. Last July, he released his new album, “vent” and his brimming creativity is leading to a high pace of new releases. Serph, a solo project by a male Tokyoite, incorporates the various musical elements of jazz, breakbeats, techno, film scores, and progressive rock. Serph’s music is highlighted by ever changing styles and an exceptional melody line that is like song beyond song though instrumental. The fairytale like world with its strong story nature is turning heads and drawing the world’s attention on this new form of lovable and unfettered pop music.

In the new album “Heartstrings”, he brings the originality and the story of his music to the next level and creates the ultimate fantasy as if Ghibli and Disney came together as one. The jazzy piano and charming electronic sounds, the hallmark of his music, is complemented by many string instruments in this album. The colorful and dashing rhythm programming is arranged like a creature traveling through complex metamorphosis and the magic of the beautiful and romantic melody created by strings and piano will strike a chord just as the title says. Filled with a positive and festive mood throughout the album, this is a thrilling and heart dancing story of music.

Five years since entering the world of musical production. Music is the ultimate and ever free playground. Serph sounds a fanfare to the bright and glittering future of pop music. The journey continues…


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