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Minority Report
Minority Report
$23 (within tax)
1. tea
2. vale
3. mini
4. radiator
5. rushhour
6. pan
7. gem
8. cafein
9. distance
10. continuity
11. catma23
12. feet
13. caprice
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Reliq, a new project by Serph is kicking off this fall.

Serph, a solo project by a male Tokyoite, has never once performed live, opting to keep his identity wrapped in a veil of mystery. Yet, he has continued to release albums at a rapid pace with three introduced in the past two years. His bottomless talent has enraptured listeners’ hearts in wonderment and frenzy. Now, this swelling creativity has given birth to another persona, “Reliq” and one full album.

In contrast to Serph whose music is characterized by a world of fantasy as if fusing Ghibli with Disney, Reliq’s sounds are more minimal, more exotic, with a stronger abstract element, more dance music pleasure and a style with ever more physique.

“Minority Report”, the first album by Reliq, has break beats scattered on the borders of the music which incorporate in it the experiential electronic music and various dance music styles from the past to present. It is a tapestry of countless ideas colored by exotic voice samples and organic loops, making for a mystical piece with both grace and sensuality.

More than five years ago, the artist set off on his journey of musical creation. Inside his mind which created this amazing world of Reliq, there still lay many frontiers waiting to be discovered. But first, entice yourself as you enter the musical palazzo of Serph’s alter-ego…Reliq.


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