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Praezisa Rapid 3000
$21 (within tax)
1. Hello
2. 314159265
3. Thin air bottled to garbage cans
4. Mehlberry Hill
5. Dojo Days
6. Robot Monologues pt.I
7. Thom Liwa
8. Taads passed forth...
9. Robot Monologues pt.II
10. Future whales (in deep seas at night)
11. Give up you're we
12. AAA Batteries
13. Osegm para Miguel

New friends from Leipzig, the musical center of eastern Germany will be joining us at noble records. This upcoming September will celebrate the first album release by Praezisa Rapid 3000.

Situated in former East Germany, Leipzig is a cultural city known throughout the world as a musical capital home to past musical greats including J.S. Bach, Felix Mendelssohn, and Robert Schuman. Praezisa Rapid 3000, also based in this city is a trio band made up of Simon 12345, Devaaya Sharkattack, and Guschling. Their two analog EPs released through their independent label Doumen Records established in 2010 have been featured on various media including Vice Magazine and Groove Magazine despite the fact there was no promotion for either EP. The band has made live appearances with names such as Mount Kimbie and Eskmo Untold. 2011, Praezisa Rapid 3000 appeared in FUSION, Germany’s largest outdoor festival, becoming one of the most anticipated bands whose next actions are looked forward to by European fans as well as quick listeners in Japan.

Their much awaited 1st album, “314159265” is a chain of tracks that gracefully cross beyond a prism of genres from Post Dubstep, IDM, Hip Hop, Ambient, Post Rock, Jazz, and Film Music. The 3 tracks, already released through the EP have been rearranged, and the whole album was mastered by Bo Kondren of Calyx Mastering in Berlin. Hybrid sounds are created through a unique golden ratio, fusing a beat manner that rouses images of post-James Blake, Gold Panda, and Mount Kimbie coupled with exotic and unique voice samples, an ensemble featuring guitar, piano, synthesizer, trumpet, clarinet, and bundled together through modern editing techniques.

Through sounds wafting with an organic and mellow pathos that is somehow humorous and at the same time mysterious, Praezisa Rapid 3000’s first album takes listeners away to a fantastical world every time they listen. Enjoy this magic number, “314159265” brewed up by this alchemist trio of sound.


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