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Praezisa Rapid 3000
$20 (within tax)
1. Dial 911 **Föllner Beach Patrol**
2. Ukrainian Dirtmob
3. MumbayMumbayS'okayS'okay (feat. G. Hoenmeyer)
4. Sgt. Peace of Goa
5. +997 Landline (feat. Cuushe)
6. The River Miami (A river in Miami)
Reworks of 01 - 06
7. Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - +997 Silence of Lullaby
8. Takashi Hattori - Turn Trip
9. Serph - escatonics
10. Pr3k - SK(it)-1
11. Heatsick - Heatsick's Second Wind Lullaby
* with a bonus DJ mix CD mixed by Praezisa Rapid 3000.  

The story of Miami/Mumbai in Devaaya Sharkattack's very own words:

"My dearest friend, let me tell you about the circumstances that led to our latest piece of work. It isn't called 'Miami/Mumbai' for no reason as the history of it is quite a special one. It's been like a journey that doesn't open itself up right away. You know, to get out of a low point you basically need to overcome a mountain. This was what we searched for. Actually we searched for it a long long time.
Psychologically a long journey is the best mountain there is anyway, also musically, if you know what i moan.

Najoa, enough about that.

I believe the last 400 years there was no musical genre as influential as Miami Bass. Booty etc. etc. Unfortunately the genre suffered from way too many sexist influences and became unlistenable..So our god- and tax consultant-given duty was to take the essence of the origins of this music back to the broader public and make it listenable again.
To do this we travelled long ways. To over from and above India, where I have been so often in my life. I showed the other two a bit of the south of the country. And also Goa. Eh great...
But the most blissful experience, especially musically, however was still Mumbai. Within it's chaos and the biggest distraction imagenable we were so immensely focussed and fully dedicated ourselves to the reformation of Miami Bass in a way we could have never imagined before. We penetrated into musical and rhythmical spheres we would have only barely considered possible, we swopt out all our intestinal cultures solely through Bass. It was magnificent.

After the journey, back in our studio homebase, completely empty and amazingly full at the same time, it was just a piece of cake to write it, compose it, bounce it and make it really really loud.

Like a sculptor who has always said: The scultpure has already been standing here forever.
All I had to do was to uncover it.

Servus Namaste!"

- Devaaya S. (late 2014)

General Information:

'Miami/Mumbai' contains 6 original tracks and 4 reworks from 4 different artists and 1 skit.
The vinyl version is a Praezisa Rapid 3000 mini-album and is released on Doumen Records. The CD is an extension of that. The CD version contains reworks from four producers: first, Ras G from Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder. Second, Hattori Takashi whose first album released last year and was a excellent symphonic electronic music collections. Third, Serph who is the most well-known electronica artist in Japan. Lastly, Heatsick, a British experimental dance music producer. The created reworks of the material from the minialbum extend the CD into a collaborative long playing album containing 11 tracks. The CD version is released on Noble and mastered by Daddy Kev, the organizer of LOW END THEORY. We hope you enjoy listening.


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