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White Girl
White Girl
$20 (within tax)
1. Slow Snow
2. Darkness
3. Ring
4. Magical Fizzy Drink
5. White Flash
6. Maboroshi
7. Doll
8. Moonlight
9. ☃
10. Sofa
11. Hitori

Once again, A new gift will be joining noble. With his base on the internet, this electronic artist's dreamy view of the world transcends any border and any scene; mus.hiba's memorable first album will be released this winter in December.

mus.hiba is a Tokyo-based producer who began his musical activities in 2011 through DTM. Mus.hiba uploaded on Soundcloud his music using "Yufu Sekka" (something close to VOCALOID), a voice library from the free singing voice synthesizer "UTAU". His being spread throughout social networking services in no time, and as the number of plays increased daily, he began receiving words of praise from all around the world. Thereafter, he collaborated with artists such as England's Bo en, Ireland's Harmful Logic, he remixed America's Spazzkid, Jakarta's TOKYOLITE, he became a part of "ZOOM LENS", and American Netlabel / Artist collective run by meishi smile; with artists that he met through the internet, he is developing activities across the border.

Finally finished, Mus.hiba's first full album "White Girl" is an album entirely featuring virtual singer "Yufu Sekka". As his dreamy tracks which assimilate electronica, chill wave, synthpop and even LA beats merge with Yufu Sekka's whispery voice, a transient, cold, warm, chill but upper, unique utai in which desolation and euphoria coexist is born. The album artwork is by Ai Teramoto, a spirited japanese illustrator who's portraits have strong-willed impressive eyes. Keep your eyes on Teramoto's newly illustrated girl on the cover with Yufu Sekka as its motif.

With keywords such as "snow" and "winter", Mus.hiba says that he wanted to express the fragility of a two-dimensional character singing. Mus.hiba's first album "White Girl" is a sweet and ephemeral winter story, dreamt by an extraordinary bedroom dreamer.


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