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Hyperion Suites
Hyperion Suites
$23 (within tax)
1. hymn
2. walkin
3. monsoon
4. happy turner
5. wireless
6. analogica
7. alcyone
8. sad roboto
9. soul for toys
10. hyperion
11. blood music
12. skyrim
13. nous
14. never end

It is now two years since “el esperanka”, his previous work that painted the view beyond utopia. Serph, who has now become the beloved child of the electronic music scene, has finished his congenial new work that is aiming for even greater heights.
With his profile and appearance inscrutable, this unusual musician made an appearance to the world like a mutant species. Serph, whose released works recorded staggering sales as instrumental electronic music and also got into news last January for selling out his first concert (at LIQUIDROOM, Tokyo) since his debut in 2009, will be releasing “Hyperion Suites”, his 5th full album which acquaints the opening of a new chapter.
Serph’s trademark is his fantastic, utopian sound image, but in his new work, a melancholic and mellow touch also overlaps. His beautiful melody, his harmony overflowing with originality and his magical arrangements are refined to its extreme, completing tracks that are in a way dressed up with nobleness and elegance. Putting into focus 60’s-70’s jazz, these tracks structured with HIP-HOP-like beats and R&B-like chords are signs of will to inherit the journeys of J Dilla who was taken young, and also can be seen are affinities with the recent new-jazz scene. Another feature is the heavy use of voice samples, and as a result, this new work has been finished as the most emotional and soulful album that Serph has ever created.
“Hyperion”, a word in the album title, is the name of the tallest tree in the world that exists in a mysterious place where no one knows. This album, “Hyperion Suites”, is an anthem that praises Hyperion’s almost refreshing solitude and sorrow, and is also the soul music of never-never land that Serph plays inside his own isolation.


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