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Hari No Nai Gabyo
Motoomi Doi
Hari No Nai Gabyo
$20 (within tax)
1. Mienai Hikari
2. Heart
3. Hibi
4. Nazo
5. Yasashii Period
6. Syuutenha Anoko No Ie
7. Soko Ni Teru
8. Marigold
* with a postcard includes the DL code of Doi's two unreleased tracks exclusively for purchasers at Noble online shop.  

Motoomi Doi will be releasing his new album, Hari No Nai Gabyo on March 9th, 2018.

Motoomi Doi is an Osaka-based singer-songwriter who cuts a conspicuous figure with his delicate, neutral high-toned voice and highly poetic lyrical world. For the first time in 2.3 years after his latest digital work and 4.9 years after his latest physical work, Motoomi Doi’s new work has finally been completed.

In addition to new songs, recorded in this album are Hibi and Marigold, songs that have been gaining popularity at shows. Furthermore, Syutenha Anoko No Ie, a song included in QURULI’s NOISE McCARTNEY RECORDS compilation album and regarded as Doi’s debut song is also newly recorded in the album as a self-cover.

The sound is minimal, almost all tracks composed by drumless guitar, piano and a bit of electronic sound. By limiting excess embellishment, Doi’s individuality such as his clear falsetto voice, literary lyrics and gift as a melody-maker stands out even more.

The album title means a needle-less thumbtack in English - something that is useless, invaluable, but gentle. Here you can find Motoomi Doi’s sorrowful but loving gaze that captures and illuminates what he sees.


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