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Nanotech Wizard
Nanotech Wizard
$27 (within tax)
1. Angel Flow
2. Baby Dub
3. Surrealist
4. Little Paris
5. Superballad
6. Upcycler
7. Citrus
8. Lips - Sigh - CherryPink
9. Girl Cybernetic
10. Crystal in the Desert

Nanotech Wizard is a “nine-consecutive-months single-releasing project” conducted by Serph, the widely acclaimed trickster of the electronic music world, from April to December 2019. The project, which was initially intended to be exclusively distributed digitally, will soon be available in CD format for the wider public. All nine singles will be included, with a special bonus track that is exclusive to the CD version.

The tracks are multifarious, ranging from speeding drum-n-bass, floor-killing break beats, sweet and nostalgic waltz, down-tempo tracks for chilling out and many more. While the CD is rich in variety, all singles share a common pop feeling with voices playing a central role, mixing into an elegant, euphoric story that is uniquely “Serph”. It is truly a signature CD that represents the zenith of 2010s era electronica that has been pioneered by Serph.

The CD jacket is illustrated by Ai Kohno, who had also illustrated all 9 singles from the project. All ten illustrations compose a unique twenty-two pages bellow-folded package printed on special paper with an original sleeve case. The CD will be an exclusive, limited offer of 1,000 copies, and is a must-buy collectors item for the most ardent Serph fans.

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