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$23 (within tax)
1. Tasogare Smoothie
2. Aerofloat
3. Satellite
4. Wintermute
5. Strange Days
6. Spirit Circle
7. North Star
8. Melt Flux
9. Funfair
10. Cloud Nine
11. Skylapse
* with an exclusive bonus CD includes Serph's unreleased tracks.  

Serph, the trickster of the electronic music world, will be releasing his 7th album Skylapse on December 2nd, 2020.

Serph has constantly been putting out his work, including the release of one singles per month for nine consecutive months, several EPs including collaborative works, and an official Disney music cover album released by Walt Disney Records in September 2020. However, as a purely original album, this work will be the first in two and a half years since his latest original album Aerialist.

With his trademark galloping beats, ultra-delicate electronic sounds and usage of sweet vocal samples remaining, in this album the melodies stand out like never before. Classic and sublime melodies sing powerfully on his unique, fantastic and mellow sounds that resemble a combination of cyberpunk R&B, game music, and post-classical music.

The theme of this new album Skylapse is "the transition, endless height and transparency of the winter sky", creating one of the most melodic, lucid and superbly relaxing album in Serph’s history that will carry your heart to the sky.


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