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Shohei Amimori
$23 (within tax)
1. Falling on Earth
2. c4jet
3. Insulok
4. wabe
5. Slow up
6. Sarabande
7. Non-Auditory Composition No.0
8. Fossil move
9. Scanning Earth
10. kre
11. Yarn Phone
12. Aphorican Lullaby
13. Impakt
14. Next to Life
[noble online shop exclusive] The download code for another version of Track 07  

Shohei Amimori will be releasing his solo album for the first time in two years.

While having a background in classical and contemporary music, Amimori’s extensive activities as a composer range from pop music to exhibiting sound installations. He has been making various breakthroughs, including recently being selected as an arranger for Taeko Onuki, one of Japan’s leading singer-songwriters. The radical back-and-forth between pop and experimentalism in his latest album PataMusic attracted core listeners around the world and earned numerous airplays on radio stations all around Europe including BBC. He was also critiqued in various media outlets including the British music magazine WIRE, where his unusuality was highly acclaimed as one of the successors of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Cornelius. In his new album which took about a year to produce including the period before the Covid-19 pandemic, Amimori sealed his vocals and beats to presents a stoic style; with a focus on piano, his minimal melodies and sounds evoke a tranquil yet colorful image. Additionally, the album includes a piece that uses “Non-Auditory Composition”, an original method created by Amimori based on the rule: “the performer must perform without hearing his/her own sound”.

Various musicians participated in this album, including Tomohiko Gondo, supporting member of Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO). The album is mastered by Rashad Becker, an engineer and artist based in Berlin.

A download code for Non-Auditory Composition No.0 - muted,, the muted version of Non-Auditory Composition No.0, is included as a limited bonus for the label’s online store. Recorded in this muted version are the actual sounds that the performers heard during their performance; a version in which sudden silence is intermittently inserted by the facilitator's volume control. It is a version enjoyable both by comparing with the original version and also by playing simultaneously.


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