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Strawberry Wavy
Strawberry Wavy
$15 (within tax)
1. Soda
2. Coquettish Bomber
3. Wavy
4. Sugar
5. Strawberry

Serph, the trickster of electronic music world who has also produced official Disney music cover album, will release his new EP Strawberry Wavy on April 30, 2021. The concept of the EP is "a collection of imaginary anime character songs".

Inspired by anime works from the 2000s, Serph translates anime songs in his unique style, deconstructs them with a DJ-like sense of editing, then reconstructs them. Refined tracks that blend future bass, R&B, and pop electronica, bittersweet female vocal samples, and soundtrack-like strings accelerate the season of Spring and blossoms an imaginary anime inside our head.

The most catchy, colorful, and bouncy work in Serph's history — here you will find the cutting edge of pop culture in ‘Galapagized’ Japan.


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