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Serph x Ai Kohno
Art Book + CD
$30 (within tax)
MYTHOPOEIA Soundtracks

1. sanpo
2. twiste (CMI mix)
3. yeh
4. prism
5. asterium
6. scenery
7. kaze
8. step
9. chamber (CMI mix)
10. flowers
11. coconuts cake
* out of stock  

Raising over $20,000 and drastically surpassing the targeted amount on the cloud-funding platform “CAMPFIRE”, Serph and Ai Kohno has finally completed their collaboration art book including a CD.

Ever since his release of “vent” in 2010, Serph has been creating all of his artworks in collaboration with illustrator Ai Kohno. They have created dozens of works together including novelties and artworks made for Serph’s music videos, and Ai Kohno’s works now play an indispensable role when speaking of Serph’s music. This time, we have collected all of these artworks and some new works, together with a rare CD including Serph’s unreleased rare tracks and completed this collaboration art book, “MYTHOPOEIA”.
It is completely limited to 1,000 books and will inevitably become a premium; please turn over the pages listening to rare tracks, and enjoy this record of collaboration between Serph and Ai Kohno.

[Product Specification]
Hard Cover
40 Pages (Color) + CD
Size: 21cm x 26cm
Limited 1,000 Copies
Serial Number

[Ai Kohno Biography]
Born in January 1984, hometown in Chiba prefecture.
Currently resides in Tokyo as an illustrator.
Her initial work in 2008 was focused on pictorial activities, and She was currently working as a freelance illustrator, submitting her works on covers of CD albums, magazines, fashion brand, and pamphlets, getting involved in artworks for mass media.
She is good at drawing pictures of things that are either live and existent or completely nonexistent in our world, through different size, shape, and color, allowing each element to calmly co-exist without any restrains.

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