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Astral Pancake
Astral Pancake
Digital Only
1. Lilium
2. Orange Sunshine
3. Tachyon Heart
4. Palmtop Tiger
5. Gyptian
6. Lilium (happy end mix)

Serph, the trickster of the electronic music world, will be releasing digitally his new EP Astral Pancake under the theme of “interstellar communication”.

Recorded are a total of six tracks full of variety, from refreshing drum'n'bass to folktronica, extremely pop dubstep to collages with brilliant edits. Sprinting-velocity piano, multiple layers of electronic sounds and effects, cute voice samples that stimulate your ears; included are energetic tracks that will brighten up your summer.

The image of this cosmic symphony comes from a spaceship that passes through time and space. It will guide the listeners to a sweet, yet painful astral world.

The link to DL stores and streaming services is here.

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