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High Radiance
High Radiance
Digital Only
1. High Radiance
2. High Radiance (Act 2)

Serph, the trickster of the electronic music world, who has produced an official Disney music cover album and made a splash with his appearance at “Secret Sky 2021”, Porter Robinson's online festival, has released an Angels and Demons themed two-track single on August 20, 2021.

“High Radiance”, the original version, is a mix of Future Bass, HipHop, and R&B with vocal samples as the core, creating a fast-paced, royal road of Dreamy Pop. It's, so to speak, an angel mode.

In contrast, “High Radiance (Act 2)” is a more physical version. The track’s unique, unpredictable beats and strong bass boost a demonic life force. Feel the difference in the glow and luminosity of the light emitted by the two pieces.

The link to DL stores and streaming services is here.

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