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4 Flowers
4 Flowers
Digital Only
1. Ningyo (feat. Kayoko Yoshizawa) [Cover]
2. Swallowtail Butterfly ~Ai no Uta~ (feat. akari) [Cover]
3. Inner Blue (feat. zun) [Cover]
4. KAWARERU (feat. lasah) [Cover]

Serph, the trickster of electronic music making a splash creating official Disney music cover albums and appearing at Porter Robinson's "Secret Sky 2021" online festival, will be releasing 4 Flowers, a J-POP cover EP in collaboration with four vocalists on September 22, 2021.

Of the four vocalists participating in this EP, zun, lasah, and akari are vocalists who Serph met through the "Singing Fruits" collaboration project held last year with an open call for vocalists. This new work can be said to be a development that sprouted and blossomed from the project. The other vocalist, Kayoko Yoshizawa, responded to Serph's call to participate in the EP.

Serph selected four of his favorite J-Pop songs as cover songs, both old and new. With the utmost respect for the originals, Serph arranged the songs into electronica with a mixture of an ambient sense of healing, bouncy beats, and speed. The result is a unique cover work in which singers with different colors and personalities coexist in the tracks, solemn yet cute with a modern groove.

The link to DL stores and streaming services is here.

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